Our expertise is in developing transportation solutions, transforming ideas into intelligent and efficient actions. Using accurate and reliable simulation tools, and harnessing the technical and analytical knowledge of a team committed and passionate about their work, our purpose is to make a difference each and every day.

Public Transportation

More than projects, plans, programs and actions related to the movement of people by buses, metro, trains and ferries in an urban environment, the purpose of public transportation projects is to study and propose alternatives to give cities increased mobility, accessibility, safety, comfort and social-economical and financial sustainability. Logit has led a few projects that changed the paradigm of thinking about public transportation, more specifically, by designing BRT systems all over Brazil.

  • Demand studies / designing public transportation systems
  • BRT – Bus Rapid Transit
  • Urban and regional buses
  • Metro, commuter train system, and LRT
  • Community or shared bicycle systems
  • Technology studies for public transportation
  • Operations planning
  • Financial modeling and business strategy