Our expertise is in developing transportation solutions, transforming ideas into intelligent and efficient actions. Using accurate and reliable simulation tools, and harnessing the technical and analytical knowledge of a team committed and passionate about their work, our purpose is to make a difference each and every day.

Regional Freight Studies

Freight transportation studies seek to identify logistic alternatives for the flow of goods, considering the current and future supply of various modes of transportation. Our methodology allows us to preview the impact of these interventions on both the infrastructure of and demand for transportation systems and, through the use of a proprietary and specific simulation platform (Mantra), effectively quantify this impact, while allowing us to conduct sensitivity analyses among the relevant factors.

  • Forecasting production / consumption
  • Forecasting future OD matrices
  • Demand studies / multimodal transportation choices: rail, roads, waterways / coastal navigation and pipelines
  • Ports, terminals and logistics platforms
  • Freight flow logistics
  • Financial modeling and business strategies
  • Scalability of logistics platforms, terminals and ports