Our expertise is in developing transportation solutions, transforming ideas into intelligent and efficient actions. Using accurate and reliable simulation tools, and harnessing the technical and analytical knowledge of a team committed and passionate about their work, our purpose is to make a difference each and every day.

Urban Development

To promote urban development that is well planned and committed to improving quality of life in the cities, studies are required in public transportation, Park & Ride, metered parking, traffic generating centers, non-motorized transportation, and projects under Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). This has the purpose of structuring land use and qualifying it from a physical, economic and social point-of-view, in light of its functional dynamics and urban environment conservation.

  • Urban dimension of public transportation
  • Mass transit-oriented development
  • Housing developments
  • Business/commercial developments
  • Urban operations
  • Park & Ride / Metered parking studies
  • Parking management
  • Study of traffic generating centers