Our expertise is in developing transportation solutions, transforming ideas into intelligent and efficient actions. Using accurate and reliable simulation tools, and harnessing the technical and analytical knowledge of a team committed and passionate about their work, our purpose is to make a difference each and every day.

Infrastructure Projects

Developing transportation projects require multidisciplinary knowledge of transportation’s technical, economic and technological requirements, if the project is going to be not only efficient, but also feasible. This really means to offer integration, iteration and adequacy among the feasibility studies developed and the project’s functional design, thus transforming the conceptual project into a more adequate functional design. Once the functional design is arrived at, one can then continue on into the basic and executive designs.

  • Road design and studies (highways, railroads, bus corridors, bicycle lanes, etc.)
  • Design and studies of terminals, stations and depots
  • Road signage and Traffic Orientation Plan (TOP)
  • Functional designs (bus corridors, intersections, terminals, depots, yards, etc.)
  • Infrastructure management (bus corridors, highways, railroads, etc.)