Transcarioca – RJ: Preliminary Studies, Basic Project and Technical Feasibility Study to Implement T5

Develop basic studies Develop basic engineering projects Conduct the project’s feasibility study

  • Social-economic studies
  • Land use studies and traffic generating points
  • Study of existing transportation and traffic projects and the current transportation system
  • Traffic surveys and counts
  • Current demand study
  • Parking studies
  • Demand projections and simulations
  • Study of alternative routes, integration with VLTs, metro and other bus systems
  • Survey of rolling stock
  • Environmental assessment
  • Land surveying, hydrological, geological and geotechnical studies
  • Basic geometric design, earth movements, drainage, other engineering works, and surfacing
  • Basic design of standard integration stations and terminals
  • Basic design to rearrange interferences, special engineering works, and expropriations
  • Basic design of ticketing system, operational control center, depot, workshops and administration offices
  • Urban upgrades and landscaping
  • Construction methods
  • Operational plan, technical specifications, costs, and implementation timeline
  • Technical feasibility analysis and bid documents