North-South Railway : Transportation Demand Study for the Southern Segment (Uruaçu-Palmas)

Meet the needs of a major Brazilian contractor for estimates of transportation demand in the Uruaçu-Palmas segment of the North-South Railway.

  • Adjusting the transportation simulation multimodal network in the railway area of influence, in order to review its development prospects and potential demand
  • Calibration of the transportation planning model and simulation of the route alternative chosen, considering the request for transportation flows corresponding to the OD matrices for baseline and future years (2007, 2012 e 2022)
  • Estimate the railway’s future demand throughout the study timeline and indicate how this demand is made up as far as the railway’s interaction with other transportation modes
  • Calculate indicators of economic assessment for the situations with and without the project (ton-km on the rail mode, vehicle-km and vehicle-hour on the road mode, etc.) for each simulation timeline