Transportation and Logistics Strategic Plan for the Panamerican and Parapanamerican Games 2011 in Guadalajara, Mexico

Define the traffic and transportation operational strategy, outlining basic concepts, operational mode, and activities to take place during the prior opening of the Olympic Village and during the games.

  • Identifying the transportation and logistics strategy
  • Analysis of the operational environment
  • Defining scope and levels of service
  • Options for delivery of logistics services
  • Identifying major risks and challenges
  • Traffic control, road network and public transportation indicators
  • Analysis and determination of resources required – in logistics and event sites
  • Estimates of implementation costs
  • Operational plan
  • Set up a work schedule with different phases of the transportation strategy implementation
  • Operations integration – Government and Panamerican Committee
  • Summary of major bidding processes, transportation sponsorships, and contracts required for logistics
  • Development of a primer/report with all transportation and logistics details for the XVI Panamerican Games
  • Mapping of public transportation service between game venues