Non Motorized Transportation Program (PTNM) for the State of Rio de Janeiro

Development of the first non motorized transportation master plan and corresponding design manual Design of pilot projects in 6 cities, including basic projects of more than 40 kms of bicycle paths, as well as demand and environmental impact studies Development of bicycle path system monitoring program

  • Development of design policies and guidelines as a reference for the various regions and cities in the State of Rio de Janeiro
  • Review of current and future demand for non motorized transportation in the corridors selected for the pilot study: Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, Barra Mansa, Volta Redonda, Maricá and Resende
  • Conceptual design and basic design projects, including landscaping and signage studies
  • Development and design of a monitoring program, including training of local governments to measure corridor performance before and after implementation
  • Recommend measures to promote the use of non motorized transportation to reduce congestion, improve environmental conditions, and increase accessibility and mobility in the State of Rio de Janeiro