National Logistics and Transportation Plan: 2007, 2009 and 2011 Editions

Formalize and make the analysis instruments permanent , from a logistics perspective, to support planning for public and private interventions in the infrastructure and organization of the country’s transportation system.

  • 2007 Edition
  • Conducting workshops throughout Brazil
  • Review of proposals for investment in the transportation infrastructure
  • Launch the creation of a geo-referenced database
  • Development of an investment portfolio that incorporates the PAC
  • Mass investment in railways and waterways so as to balance out the transportation matrix
  • Restore the transportation planning process within the Ministry of Transportation
  • 2009 Edition
  • Implementation of a permanent transportation planning system
  • Implementation of the geographic information system for transportation (SIG-T)
  • Support to specific sectoral studies, through the PNLT
  • Review and increase number of products and projects analyzed, incorporating the PAC and total national production
  • Focus on increasing the share of rail/water transportation of general cargo, in order to balance out the matrix
  • 2011 Edition
  • Consolidating the planning process
  • Setting up a permanent planning team at the Ministry of Transportation
  • Conducting a new OD survey to allow a better calibration of the new model
  • Updating macroeconomic data by sector
  • Evaluation of applications
  • Recommendation of best routes and investments on infrastructure